The essence of "Safe Laser" technology is that the parallel, eye-hazardous light beam of the laser is transformed by a special scattering surface in such a way that it becomes completely harmless to the eye.

Thanks to this new technology, these special “soft lasers” can now be used safely at home today!

Safe Laser devices have a new, special laser light source that, like other lasers, emits polar, coherent, monochromatic light, but unlike traditional lasers, its light is not parallel and cannot be focused optically into points. This new technology is called “Safe Laser”.

Eye damage is caused by focusing light on the eye lens on a smaller surface of the eye lens, and the resulting high power density can damage the eye.
Conventional (near-parallel) light can reach the eyepiece even from a great distance and focus the point on the eye. The resulting high power density damages the eyes.

The “Safe Laser” optics scatter the laser light with a lens system. This is followed by a secondary (tertiary) large scattering surface that ensures that the eyepiece cannot focus the light into a point. Thus, in the plane of focus, the light is distributed over a large area, so that no harmfully high power density is generated.

Safe Laser devices are harmless to the eye because the light comes out of a relatively large scattering surface, it has a large distance, so the eye lens cannot focus on a small spot of light, so it does not cause damage to the retina and optic nerves.

A Safe Laser készülékek Safe Laser devices are in laser safety class I and II.

Optional safety laser goggles.
However, the safety regulations for class I and class II lasers must be observed

SL500 Infra and SL1800 Infra = “Class 1” laser equipment,

SL150 = “Class 2” laser equipment,

according to MSZ EN60825-1 “Radiation safety regulations for laser products”.

  • The requirements of the standard for scattered radiation were used for classification.
  • Measurement and classification were performed by: Wigner Physics Research Center Optical Laboratory (former KFKI-SZFKI)
  • Do not look into the laser beam or point it into the eyes of others
  • Do not aim the laser beam at a reflective surface.
  • The 660nm radiation emitted by the laser equipment (SL30 and SL150) is not dangerous to the eye because the automatic blink reflex of the eye (which has a reaction time of 0.25s) provides protection. No protective equipment (eg goggles) is required if no optical device (eg condenser lens) is inserted.
  • The power density of the laser equipment (SL500 Infra), from the viewing distance specified by the standard, meets our laser class 1 conditions and is safe for the eye.
  • Keep the appliance out of the reach of children!
  • The device may only be switched on when it is aimed at the target area!
  • Do not use the appliance if it is damaged or malfunctions!
  • DO NOT disassemble the optics or DO NOT switch them on if the optics are damaged!
  • To avoid danger, only the manufacturer may service
  • Use of the device is at the user's own risk. Neither the manufacturer nor the distributor shall be liable for any damage caused by improper use.