From what age can Safe Laser be used?

  • From newborn. Be sure to consult your doctor or Safe Laser expert about its use.

Do you need goggles?

  • Not necessary, safe for the eyes.

Which device should I choose?

  • The Safe Laser 150 is recommended for the treatment of complaints close to the skin and skin, and its effectiveness is up to 3 cm.
  • The Safe Laser 500 is also effective for the treatment of skin, skin and locomotor diseases (e.g.stretch marks, sprains, tennis elbows, lumbago, etc.).
  • The wavelength reaches its beneficial effects toa depth of 8 cm.
  • The Safe Laser 1800 device is also effective for the treatment of skin, near-skin surface and musculoskeletal diseases (e.g.stretch marks, sprains, tennis elbows, lumbago, etc.).
  • It can exert its beneficial effects at a depth of 10 cm and its user interface is 5x larger than that of the Safe Laser 500.

How long and how often should a treatment be?

  • The duration of the application depends on the type and power of the laser. (Higher performance = shorter treatment time). The frequency of treatments depends on the type and longevity of the disease.
    Treatment of acute illness (recent illness): Treatment should be given daily for 1-2 weeks and then 3 times a week until symptoms have resolved. Improvement is seen as early as the first treatment or within 1 day.
    Treatment of chronic (prolonged) diseases (occurring more than 6-8 weeks): Prolonged diseases should be treated less frequently. 3-4 times in the first 2 weeks and then 2-3 times a week until symptoms disappear or are significantly reduced. In chronic (long-standing) diseases, recovery naturally takes longer (days, weeks, months). After the first treatments, the pain may increase, but this is a temporary phenomenon. For long-term (several months) healing processes (eg ulcerative wounds), a daily course of treatment is recommended for 2-3 weeks, after which it is possible to switch to less frequent use every 2 days. More frequent or prolonged treatments do not necessarily speed up healing, because there is a biological limit beyond which cells cannot be further stimulated by irradiation! Treatment of diseases that can be cured by illumination of the nostril (or ear): In this case, continuous daily use is recommended. Illuminate each nostril (or ear) separately for 3-5 minutes. (depending on the type of laser)

Can I use “soft laser” light therapy if I am on other treatments?

  • Laser treatment can be combined well with other drugs and therapies. As a result, the amount of chronically taken medications can be reduced (or omitted). Of course, only after the medical test results have improved, after consultation with your doctor! Laser treatment can reduce the side effects of other therapies used. (eg allergy, drug side effects… ..)

What unpleasant symptoms can occur during irradiation of the nasal membrane?

  • There are no known adverse side effects of soft laser treatment, but sometimes one of the following symptoms may occur:
  • a / Dry mouth and nose: there are many vegetative nerve endings near the nasal cavity; some patients respond sensitively when the sympathetic nerves in their nasal cavity are irradiated with a laser, which results in an increase in acetylcholine secretion, a decrease in gland secretion. These symptoms gradually disappear during the adjustment period, so in this case we recommend that you drink a small amount of warm water before treatment.
  • b / Dizziness, pressure in the head may occur due to increased oxygen and blood supply. Most of the elderly do not supply enough blood to their brains as a result of cerebral vasoconstriction, so if microcirculation is continuous, the amount of blood and oxygen in the brain suddenly increases, but the brain’s hardening arteries cannot adapt in time, so we may experience the above symptoms. These symptoms disappear after a few weeks. In this case, patients are advised to reduce the duration of treatment during treatment.
  • c / Sweating and headache: After laser irradiation, the amount of oxygen saturation in the blood increases, the heart rate, which is well worn by healthy people, increases, but in some cases this can be a problem in people with a sick heart. We recommend that these people begin treatment with an adaptation phase with a shorter treatment time. This symptom resolves after the adaptation period and may gradually increase the duration of treatment.

How often should I use the device?

  • It depends on the specific complaint. The treatment protocol shows the exact treatment time and frequency. If you have any further questions, we are at your disposal.

Can the device be touched to the treated surface?

  • Really so effective. Treat the problem area point by point (stop) and do not “caress” or pull the device.

Can a skin wound touch the skin surface if it is difficult to heal?

  • To maintain hygiene, we recommend a laser head protective cap in such cases. If you do not have one at home, a simple disposable transparent film is also suitable.

How can I clean the device?

  • Do not immerse the laser head in running water! Perfect for cleaning with a disinfectant cloth.

How can I clean the accessories?

  • Accessories can be cleaned under running water, but always make sure it dries completely. The accessories can also be cleaned with a disinfectant cloth.

Who can I contact if I have a question?

  • e-mail : info This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • telefon: +36 70 381 0181, +36 70 676 0181