The physiological benefits and healing power of light have long been known. It has been scientifically proven that visible or invisible wavelengths of light affect living organisms.

Conventional soft laser devices have been used for decades in both human and veterinary medicine. Many of their variants are known, but they have in common that they can cause accidents if used improperly, so they can only be used by a person who has been examined.

Safe Laser technology has made a breakthrough in this respect: its therapeutic use is similar to that of a soft laser, but it is much safer. The patented optical arrangement made it possible to use relatively high-power (150mW-1800mW) lasers safely and without harm to the eyes, thus significantly expanding the range of laser users


SafeLasercan be used alone or as an adjunct to pharmacological or surgical therapy in companion animals in the following indications:

  • bruising, hematoma,
  • fracture,
  • tape damage / tear
  • chronic arthritis
  • disc degeneration
  • epithelial injuries, post-operative wounds, ulcers,
  • mouth and nasal mucosal injuries,
  • nflammatory lesions of the abdominal organs (with 808nm lasers)