The soft laser has been used successfully for more than 25 years in otolaryngology as a non-invasive, effective treatment method.

It is a huge benefit, especially for children with ear complaints, that the treatment is completely painless and also reduces the potential complications of other interventions.


  • It reduces and eliminates tinnitus (tinnitus) in many cases.
  • Improves hearing when used with fiber optics in case of acute hearing loss.

(The main cause of acute hearing loss is insufficient local blood circulation, which can be caused by bacterial or viral inflammation, as well as a systemic circulatory problem. By reducing local inflammation, the laser improves hearing.)

  • Relieves symptoms of sinusitis and airway inflammation. (illuminate in the nasal opening fora nasal treatment)
  • Helps heal ear and ear canal inflammation.


  • Fiber optic treatment
    The fiber optics are connected to the laser and then carefully guided into the ear.
    Treatment time: 1-5 minutes depending on the device.
  • Treatment with nasal adapter
    The nasal adapter is connected to the laser and then lit into the nasal openings one after theother.
    Treatment time: 3 minutes per nostril.