In recent decades, soft doctors have used soft lasers mainly to treat sports injuries, but recent research shows that laser treatment is extremely effective in other areas as well.

Soft laser effects in sports:

  • Enhancing endurance
    Infrared (808-830nm) laser radiation before workouts and competitions improves muscle performance, delays the development of muscle fatigue and significantly reduces lactic acid concentration.

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  • Performance optimization
    Pre-sport laser radiation improves the mitochondrial function of muscle cells, helping to provide a more efficient supply of oxygen. In addition, laser light improves the blood supply to the muscles, increases microcirculation and nutrient supply.

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  • Regeneration
    Laser radiation after sports exercise promotes faster regeneration of muscles and ligaments. Accelerates the breakdown of lactic acid, reduces the rate of muscle fever.
    Especially recommended for sports with serial load.

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  • Rehabilitation of sports injuries
    An important physiological effect of laser light is to reduce inflammation, promote healing of swelling due to traumatic injuries, and effectively alleviate acute and chronic pain.
    Another beneficial effect is the healing of epithelial injuries, postoperative wounds, bone fractures, ligament and muscle tears.
    Research and severalcase studies have shown that laser treatment significantly accelerates the healing time of sports injuries, improves the effectiveness of rehabilitation, and reduces the chance of another injury.

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